Monday, 12 September 2016

Stationary Haul

It first started when I noticed that I enjoyed being dragged to Office World, whilst my Dad bought his monthly supply of yellow ruled notepads. I suddenly found that I needed notebooks for unforeseen projects. September meant pencil cases to be filled and a new ink pen to be sought out. Over the years, I have refined the process of stationary collection. Today, I’d like to share with you some of the things I’ve treated myself to over the last couple of months…

Index cards are always helpful for writing projects – you can write plot lines and character profiles on them for easy reference. I like these Paperchase Spectrascope A6 Postcards (£2.50) which will bring a colourful cheer to writing sessions. With them is this uber-cute set of Macaroon Erasers from W.H.Smith (£1.99) which feel almost too sweet to use. 

Stickers are sneaky. They seem so innocent with their £1 price tag, but when one thing leads to another, they can lead you to bankruptcy. These Accessorize stickers, however, are nothing but nice – one a woodland owl design and the other a panda one – and will make great embellishments in my journal and on letters (Both £1).

These two exercise books can cheer up any rainy day. The cloud design is from Marks and Spencer’s and the rainbow raindrop design is from Sainsbury’s. Both will make great incubators for autumnal ideas on wet days. 

This little Sass & Belle notebook (£2) has the loveliest, floral pattern and the paper inside is high quality. It feels too nice to get scuffed in my bag so I might put it to a more dignified use and collect some inspiring quotes in it. 

Where are your favourite places to get stationary? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. They are all so pretty! What do you use the stickers for? I have loads but never know where to stick them! Paperchase is obviously the stationery dreamland but The Works has surprisingly nice stuff sometimes and it is so cheap.


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