Monday, 20 March 2017

A Spring Wishlist

Spring arrives in small doses – a crocus here, a daffodil there – and then suddenly casts its spell on our landscape. It lifts our moods and reminds us there is always sunshine after rain. Here are some things that you could include in your plans for spring…

- How’s your literary life going? Give into temptation, throw off the blanket and head outside for a luxurious read as the spring sun warms your back. Choose uplifting reads by writers like Barbara Pym and Jane Austen to match the blossoming world around you. 

- With Mother’s Day falling on 26th March, this is definitely the time for gratitude. Extend your thankfulness to the special people in your life. 

- Easter, obviously. I command you to eat as many of the treats this season brings, be it hot cross buns, chocolate eggs or simnel cake. 

- Go on a bluebell walk. Put fresh daffodils on your desk. Take photos of the blossom whilst it lasts. Celebrate the beauty popping up all around you. 

- Have an epic spring clean. I think everyone finds it therapeutic to have a good old clear out. Clothes are the obvious one but there’s also gloopy nail varnishes, unwanted books and even email inboxes to think of. What better way is there to feel lighter as we move into spring? 

- Do some crafting. There are some very inspired crafts here to put on your ‘to make’ list. The bunny macaroons are serious baking goals. 

- As I talked about in this post from February, we can take our cue from the natural world after a long winter. Allow the parts of you that have lain dormant to flourish this spring. Re-take up a lost hobby, dust off an old creative project or try to recapture the spirit of a wonderful time in your life. 
Any of these take your fancy? What’s on your spring wish list? Let me know in the comments below… 


  1. This is such a lovely and uplifting post. Daffodils on a desk and a good read of a Jane Austen novel sound just like my ideals too! Xx The little book in your picture is so enchanting. It's such a nice feeling now that spring is well and truly in the air - and appearing all around us! Best wishes. Ps: your blog is a beautiful place.

    Keep calm and Start Writing ~

  2. Thank you, Amelia! It is so lovely seeing spring arrive and a good excuse to celebrate with books and flowers! Thank you for your kind comments - I'm so glad you like it here!

    Monica x

  3. Spring cleaning is my favourite - it always refreshes my mental state and helps me feel productive! I've never heard of Barbara Pym! I shall definitely have a little research, thank you :) This is a very lovely and inspiring post! I've just subsribed through Bloglovin so I can keep up with future updates! Have a nice weekend xo


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